About & Meet The Team

We'll be honest with you, this event started out as a joke on The HKT Podcast's Lockdown Companion series. Olly Wilkins and Davi Birks thought it would be a great way to get people together to celebrate post lockdown freedom and to share our love for riding with friends. However, it quickly became obvious that the mountain bike community longed for a chilled out event with a heavy focus on fun and good vibes rather than race results, clock watching and those pesky bad vibes. We bring you, The Freedom Ride.

Meet The Team

The Freedom Ride management team is made up of a former adult film star, an ex part time semi professional basketball player and a washed up motocross rider. Here's a little more about them...

Name: Sam Bowell
Job Title: Tactical Ballast Support Operations
Sam is the manager of Rogate Bike Park and a founding member of the B1KE organisation which is made up of mountain bike sites across the South of England. Sam brings an aura of intelligence to Freedom Ride and handles the event sites.

Name: Olly Wilkins
Job Title: Hyper Creative Dynamics Manager
Professional mountain bike rider and content creator. Olly has been on the scene for longer than you care to imagine and has attended hundreds of events around the world over the past 40+ years. If anybody knows what forces need to collide to create a world class event it's this chap.

Name: Davi Birks
Job Title: Positive Directional Storm Front Leader
Davi has been working in the action sports industry for multiple decades. He might look youthful but some say he's older than Rob Warner and talks just as much rubbish on the internet.